How to attain a model like figure within weeks?

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Raise your hands if you want a model-like figure? Almost everyone, at some point or the other in their lives, aspires to shape up like a model. But do they actually get what they want? It is not an easy path, trust us, but it is not unattainable as well. Blaming genetics for everything is not fair.

Yes, genetics do help them to some extent, but it is their determination and will-power that gets them where they are! So, get a load of determination, persistence and patience and get the figure you want!


Work Out

If you look at models, you’ll see that they are thin, lean and toned. They are not skinny, but if you compare your figure to theirs, you might find them skinny. In reality, they are thin and healthy. So, grab your sneakers a get a bucket-load of determination to start your workouts. It may seem tough, but this is how it works. Models, generally, put in 2 hours of cardio, muscle toning and strengthening exercises 3-5 times a week. And it is well known that 2 weeks before a show, they increase their exercise frequency to 6 days a week. And they always have a personal trainer.

It may seem a bit too much, but you can modify it by breaking your workout in smaller workouts throughout the day. You can utilize your lunch time, get up a bit early in the morning and utilize your evenings. The point is, you have to be strict about your workout schedule if you want to get a model figure. Plan your workouts in advance and then plan other activities.


Cardio is a Must

You cannot skip cardio. This is it! Cardio gives an over-all workout and is important for shedding fat. Cardio is basically any activity that increases your heart rate. That gives you a large exercise-base to choose from. Choose any activity that you like so you can keep it up.

Some good options include running, brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming etc. Do at least 30 minutes of cardio 3-5 times a day. You can spice up your workouts by increasing and decreasing your speed or incline, at intervals, to constantly challenge your body.


Try Body Sculpting Exercises

Getting a model figure is not all about losing weight, it also includes toning and firming your body. Ballet-inspired classes improve posture, increase flexibility and create sleek, strong muscles. Kick-boxing and jumping rope are also considered good exercises for toning legs and butts. When it comes to sculpting exercises, how can we forget yoga and Pilates? Yoga and Pilates are important for lengthening muscles and creating a sleek and toned look, without bulking up.


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Smoothies, Juices and Health Bars Are a Must

If you look at a model’s diet plan, the day always starts off with a smoothie. No sugary cereals or bagels. A healthy breakfast is a must as it sets the tone for the rest of your day. Instead of munching on the so-called healthy cereals, start your day with a smoothie. You can make one on your own.

You can start your day with a fruit smoothie consisting of berries, yogurt, oats and honey. Or if you are not a fruit person, start your day with a healthy green juice of kale, cucumber, celery stalks, lemon and ginger. If you want your breakfast to be a bit more, you can have an egg-white omelets or oats.


Eat Lean Proteins

Now with all this exercise, you can not starve just yourself. Lunch and dinner are packed with proteins. But be mindful of the proteins you take. Lean proteins are all you need. These include chicken, turkey and fish. You can spice them up or use herbs before grilling or steaming them, with a dash of olive oil. Avoid any processed carbohydrates or fatty red meats.


Stay away from fried foods, such as French fries, which can be really tempting. Desserts a no-no, but every once in a while, you can treat yourself with a small snack. Replace milk chocolate with dark chocolate. It is better to have a small treat once a week, then to go overboard with it!


Load Up On Veggies and Fruits

Veggies and fruits are going to be your new best-friends. You can have then raw or you can steam or grill them. Make sure you have a vegetable serving at lunch and dinner time. They keep you full and because they are rich in fiber, they can aid in keeping your bowel movements going! Fruits are equally good. They are rich in nutrients and fiber and keep you healthy.


Snacking In-between

You are only human and you are prone to snacking. Have small snacks every 2-3 hours. But instead of grabbing a pack of chips or that jar of cookies, opt for healthier snacks. A serving of fruit, a piece of dark chocolate, a nutrition bar and a handful of nuts are good and healthy options.


Keep Yourself Hydrated

We all know the importance of drinking water and we are talking about water only. No juices or fizzy drinks. Models drink a lot of water every day to flush out toxins from their bodies, to keep their skin fresh and to reduce any bloating.

If you don’t like drinking this much pure water, you can drink green tea or add lemons and mint to your water bottle or pitcher. If you like juice, try making your own juice without any added sugar. Just blend in the fruits you like and you have your organic, healthy juice ready.


Have Realistic Expectations

While you are following all the rules, be patient with yourself and have realistic expectations. The models are tall and have a narrow frame. Not every one fits the criteria. You may not be tall or you may not have narrow bones. So, don’t be hard on your self and keep striving for the best.

Staying in shape is not about how good you look, but it also matters that you stay healthy. So give it your best!

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