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Many of the people desire for a well-built and healthy body. For this, they try every possible way for quick results which often comes with serious injuries and health issues.

The recovery from  health problems is never speedy but it can be accelerated with the new miraculous product Niacin Max. It gives a health support to the body by assisting in more than 50 functions.

There are many similar products commercially available but Niacin Max is better than all. This review will help to understand how would this product work for you.

Why is Niacin Important?

Niacin is a vitamin which is essential for the body for proper functioning. It is helpful to extract nutrients and minerals from food, which otherwise cannot be taken up by the body alone.

It helps to release energy from food and utilize it for body functioning. It is an immuno-booster vitamin which supports the cardiovascular and nervous system in particular.

Athletes, sportsmen, and body builders have a complete body support and recovery program in the form of a niacin supplement.

About NiacinMax


The innovative design of NiacinMax is by far the most advanced formula of niacin intake. Since the market was full of supplements, the creators of NiacinMax were experimenting with something more beneficial.

NiacinMax is a unique formula which is designed to provide maximum benefits to the user. It is a strip which claims multivalent offshoots to the body. Bodybuilders, fitness conscious people, and athletes are at a maximum advantage.

Unlike other supplements, NiacinMax is a highly absorbable and reaches the target location in no time. It takes less time to become functional which is not even comparable to similar supplements which go through digestion and then enter the blood stream in minor quantities. Popular Weight Loss Supplements

NiacinMax is an intelligent product which uses the method of direct absorption instead of digestion to reach blood stream for which it contributes best for health and wellness of the body.

NiacinMax comes in a strip form which is suggested to be used early morning. The advice to use it by placing it under the tongue which promotes rapid absorption.

Also, it provides sufficient oxygen amount to the circulatory system which increases the efficiency of red blood cells. It overall boosts all body functions by one scale higher.

Who Is The Manufacturer?

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NiacinMax is a careful design by an internationally famed German company Wolfson Berg Limited which promises the premium quality of FDA approved products.

Their products are tested, verified and licensed which makes them a safe choice.

How Is This Better Than Other Products?

The reason behind the popularity of NiacinMax is its effectiveness which is unmatched. What makes Niacin Max effective is its working.

Others supplements follow a typical route via digestion whereas NiacinMax uses a direct entry mode to the body.

It not only saves time but also provides the maximum level of niacin to the body without any quantity being lost in absorption.

All other supplements in the form of capsules which is a less effective form, so with Niacin Flush, a user gains all the privileges for a healthy status.

One  strip of NiacinMax has 75mg of Niacin which is directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Due to faster absorption, the body is able to uptake 95% of each dose and only minor quantity is wasted. To make the strip enjoyable, NiacinMax has been given a citrus flavor which makes it a treat for your taste buds.

Benefits Of NiacinMax

  • It has an efficient quantity of dose which is far better than oral supplements. It provides the accurate amount of 75mg Niacin per strip which is an ideal dose for one day.
  • It raises energy levels of the body to have sufficient amount of energy for body functions and physical activities. Also, it helps to boost stamina.
  • Red Blood cells (RBCs) level has to be higher for a healthy body which is achieved by sufficient niacin levels.
  • It creates a natural balance in body hormones which are responsible for growth and functioning.
  • It increases the oxygen supply atcellularthe level which results in muscular support and movement.
  • It has a good taste which makes it easier to be used.

 Instructions For Using NiacinMax

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NiacinMax uses a different approach to be used which is a strip method instead of oral supplements. It is ideal to use the strip early morning on an empty stomach.

It is advised to use only one strip per day and never exceed the recommended dose. Also, it is suggested to be used by only adults and not underage children.
Is It Safe To Use?

The product is safe and FDA approved which reduces all the health risks to zero. The user might feel a sensation of flush 5-10 minutes after taking the strip.

This is a sign of niacin being absorbed and it should not be confused with a reaction. You might feel a warm sensation on your skin after taking it but it will go away in a bit. No other reactions are reported to date.

Order and Pricing

NiacinMax can be ordered through its official website. It is available three packages of 30,60 and 90 days’ supply respectively.

The actual price of 30 day supply is £ 39.99 but the website offers a limited discount offer which makes it £ 29.99. Additionally, the website offers fast and free delivery.

The product has a 67-day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied, you can claim a full refund.


NiacinMax is a wonderful additional support for a healthier life. Its unique design helps a proper and effective absorption to attain all the benefits of every dose.

The required fitness level can be achieved if the Niacin max is followed by a workout session. In some cases, the second dose is also suggested which can be taken 2-3 hours before sleeping only if you have a regular exercise routine daily.

The product is highly recommended for a better health. It can be ordered through the official website only

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